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Why most of the Jews are paranoid?

One of the main reasons for the great capacity of the
Jewish people as an imperialist and domineering power
lies in the fact that Israelites, more frequently than other
peoples, tend to be paranoid — often morbidly so.

One can recognize this paranoid tendency in certain
character traits that Jews possess, traits which confer
upon them a capacity for the greatest and most difficult
achievements, but which on the other hand also induce in
them a kind of mental imbalance that leads them to
pursue aims and activities vindicatory of imagined
violations of their rights with such perseverance and
fanaticism as to be virtually an obsession. These aims
and activities, moreover, invariably breathe a fierce
hatred, a hatred that may quite rightly be called paranoid.
It may be concealed, under orders of the higher-ups, but
it is a hatred nonetheless that Jews bear all "gentile
swine" in greater or lesser degree, depending on the
nature of each given Jew.

It is thus easy to understand how harmful and dangerous
these paranoid actions may be for persons against whom
the Jews seek vindication for something, with or without
any justification.

One finds among the Jews more individuals of a
domineering bent, more of a vindictive nature, more who
are inclined to have a persecution complex or
megalomania, than are to be found among other peoples.
So true is this, indeed, that the facts show us the Jews
have even suffered these delusions collectively, as a
people. In fact, one has only to read the histories and
esoteric books of the Jews to see how they have
exaggerated persecutions suffered in bygone times to the
point of creating an ideology which borders on a
collective persecution complex. And a persecution
complex is precisely one of the characteristics of the form
of insanity or mental illness that science has designated
as Paranoia or Paranoid Schizophrenia.

On the other hand, the paramount ideal of the present
Jewish religion, the supreme ideal of every religious Jew,
is to reclaim for Israel the rights given her by God over
everything in the world: material possessions, the
government of nations, and the ideas which guide
mankind — all of which the Jews believe we Gentiles are
usurping. For to the Jews, if we Gentiles own factories,
small workshops or businesses, urban or rural properties,
we no more than hold illegally what rightfully belongs to
them. In the case of the religious Jews, this is so
precisely because God gave it all to the people of Israel;
and for those Jews who have lost their religious beliefs, it
is so because they have been taught in their sect that the
Jews, due to their racial superiority, are destined to rule
over all mankind politically and economically.

The same reasoning prevails in the case of a Marxian
socialist stale which is led by Gentiles rather than Jews.
In such an event, since the wealth of the country there,
too, is in the hands of Gentiles, the Jews have the right,
according to their religious and political beliefs, to
overthrow that Gentile Communist government and
replace it with another which in one form or another is
under the sway of Judaism, so that the latter may control
the wealth of the nation and rule over its people.
For centuries then the Jews have been driven by an
obsession to recover their so-called rightful wealth by
means of usury, including the great frauds of the Jewish
banking system and every other kind of usurious

Karl Marx, having Jew blood, put the finishing touches on
these claims of the Jews for recovery of their rightful
belongings with his scheme for the rapid and total
expropriation of the wealth of all the peoples of the earth
and its delivery over to a Communist state to be run by
the Jews. These insane claims, as well as the millenaxian
demands for recovery of the land promised them by God,
have created within the Jewish people a vindication or
revenge complex that is an essential part of their
paranoid megalomania.

Again, it is known that the Jews in general are the most
rancorous and vengeful of men. They give an
exaggerated interpretation to the "eye for eye, tooth for
tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot" of the Old Testament.

Psychiatric texts tell us it is characteristic of the paranoiac

So it is curious to note how very often Jewish
organizations and prominent Jews, on so many
occasions, insist that they will NEVER FORGET or that
they will NEVER FORGIVE, using precisely the same
words that psychiatry attributes to this category of the

The desire to avenge persecutions suffered in their past
history has become a veritable obsession with the Jews.
It has become a morbid passion affecting the entire
people, one that for centuries has driven them to dream
of carrying out a massive slaughter of Gentiles, of
bringing about enormous destruction and wreaking a
terrible vengeance upon all peoples of the world. For
these other peoples, their leaders have led them to
believe, have done them grievous wrong. They have no
desire to understand that it is they themselves, the Jews,
who have always been the cause in such situations;
and that the peoples who have been forced to oppose
them in whatever way have only been defending
themselves against aggression offered them by
unassimilable aliens and interlopers; by intruders who,
after having received the generous hospitality of other
peoples, have betrayed that generosity by robbing them
of their wealth and seeking to control their every activity;
by intruders, in short, who have become the most
dangerous sect of thieves and conspirators known to

Lastly, the religious faith of the Jews, who consider
themselves superior to other men, fosters in them the
pronounced megalomaniac tendencies that constitute
another of their obsessions, obsessions which have more
and more clearly been taking the form of a collective
delusion of grandeur. And this delusion, of course, is just
another of the symptoms of PARANOIA; or as it is called
nowadays, paranoid schizophrenia.

Similarly, the intense and morbid distrust which is so
common among Jews, and which has allowed them to
guard their secrets and surround their clandestine
activities and concealed organizations with an
impenetrable wall of secrecy, has also made them send
thousands and thousands of innocent people to their
death in the countries under communist rule. For this has

been principally because the Jews, being paranoid, are
so much given to false interpretations and to imagining
nonexistent plots, typical products of the unbalanced
mind in paranoiacs who are inclined to have delusions of
persecution. All medical specialists know perfectly well
that this abnormal distrust and this imagining of
nonexistent aggressions and plots that are being hatched
against the person imagining them are unequivocal
symptoms of paranoia, a terrible illness, whatever the
name that may be given to it by those doing research on
mental disorders in the future.

The same may be said of the proclivity Jews so often
have for spying on everyone, an inclination to be sure
that has helped them to organize most efficient
espionage services and thereby obtain their greatest
victories in their struggle to rule the world. On the other
hand, it has turned life in Communist countries dominated
by the Jews into a veritable hell, where children spy on
their parents, brother spies on brother, and neighbor on
neighbor, all by order of the Tchekas or secret police
organizations, which are invariably headed by Jews. And
we must not forget that this abnormal inclination to spy on
one's victims is another of the morbid tendencies found in
paranoia, an affliction from which Jews, to the mortal
detriment of mankind, suffer in much higher percentage
than do other peoples.

In the last analysis, the Jew's perseverance, his passion,
his fanatical commitment to the vindication of his
supposed rights — qualities which make him capable of
overcoming the greatest obstacles and of enduring the
most adverse circumstances without yielding — are
among his greatest attributes. They are also traits,

according to the most reliable psychiatry texts, which are
characteristic of the revenge complex of paranoia. This
would seem to explain the Jew's fierce hatred of
Christianity, of Islam, and of the other peoples of the
earth, a hatred that is out of all proportion to reason; a
paranoid hatred which, as the hatred of the mentally
unbalanced, can scarcely be imagined by normal people,
let alone be fully understood. It would also explain the
Jewish thirst for vengeance, the lust for destruction
that has caused torrents of blood to be shed in all the
Jewish revolutions, from the Albigensians and Hussites of
the Middle Ages to the Anabaptists of Munzer in the 16th
century; or the so-called French Revolution at the end
of the 18th century, in which the clandestine Jew
Maximilien Robespierre (the name of Robespierre, the
fierce dictator of the Convention, was derived from the
Jewish name Rosenfeld, the name used by Robespierre's
remote ancestors when they professed Judaism openly,
before their feigned conversion to Catholicism) and
others, true paranoid lunatics, poured out Gentile blood in
torrents, exceeding with a vengeance any amount
necessary for the revolution to triumph. To say nothing of
the murderous frenzy bordering on madness which drove
the Jewish directors of the Soviet Tcheka to slaughter
millions of people in cold blood.

Another characteristic of the paranoiac, according to the
textbooks in psychiatry, is his chronic obstinacy, his
conviction that he is always right and that it is the others
who are mistaken. Above all must be noted the vigor
and resolution with which he maintains and defends his
morbid ideas, for he is as unbending as though made of
steel against any pressure used to get him to alter his
convictions. This largely explains the steadfastness of the
Jews over the course of history in holding adamantly to
their imperialistic religious and political beliefs, refusing in
most cases to succumb despite the persecutions of all
kinds which they had to face. When subjected to the
tortures of the Inquisition, they yielded, wept, begged
forgiveness, swore to bandon Judaism, and even
denounced all the clandestine Jews they knew when the
inquisitor tortured it out of them. They did this to escape
the torture, to keep from being burned at the stake, and to
obtain the pardon offered by the directors of the
Inquisition to clandestine Jews who petitioned for it and
would promise to abandon Judaism and become good
Christians. But once freed from the inquisitorial prisons
with the pardon obtained, they continued to adhere
stubbornly to Judaism in secret and to plot against the
people in whose territory they lived, as well as against
their religious and political institutions, with the same kind
of obduracy, steadfastness, and perseverance that
psychiatry attributes to the paranoiac.

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