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This Time Jews Went Too Far. Jew Sumner Redstone runs gay TV channel.

* Viacom Inc, known for producing pornographic videos & violence-inducing gangsta rap on its MTV station, is owned by the Jewish billionaire, Sumner Redstone.

“Sumner” was actually born, “Murray Rothstein,” who resides in Newton MA.

Rothstein told Jewish investors in 2005 that its proposed Gay cable channel “LOGO” would cost only $30 million to launch, but by 2007 would be worth over $1 billion.*

The Jewish investors have not been disappointed. Yet at the same time, millions of Americans, mostly American youth, are being morally corrupted by LOGO’s Anti Christian programming.

LOGO Gay TV promotes anal sex between two males by using Biblical titles in its programming such as “Jacob & Joshua” and “Noah’s Arc.” The Jewish owned LOGO now has over 20 million viewers.”>View Entire Story”>Here.

DEVIANT SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR has become the new normal thanks to the wicked Jewish programme bent on the destruction of the Christian family in America.

And it looks like the states are going along with Jewry’s demonic agenda.

Attorney Generals of Pennsylvania and North Carolina have both announced that they will not block the ACLU’s efforts to legalize homosexual marriages.

Shame on them for following the lead of US AG Holder in not defending their own States’ laws! They ought to be hung up by their toes.

What does this portend for Jewmerica? … That the wicked Jews—running roughshod over the moral legal framework underpinning a stable, family-oriented society—are succeeding in undermining the Christian foundations of our nation.

And what’s more, American Jewry is bringing on the judgment of Christ Himself over this hapless Jew-ruled country.

God will not be mocked.

Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by fire, leaving it a desolate salt pit. Those who know better but do not protest are complicit in the Jewish ruin of America.

If Christians do not speak up against the Jews then the moral cesspool that America is now drowning in will become a physical reality.
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