January 24th, 2021

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This Time Jews Went Too Far. Jew Sumner Redstone runs gay TV channel.

* Viacom Inc, known for producing pornographic videos & violence-inducing gangsta rap on its MTV station, is owned by the Jewish billionaire, Sumner Redstone.

“Sumner” was actually born, “Murray Rothstein,” who resides in Newton MA.

Rothstein told Jewish investors in 2005 that its proposed Gay cable channel “LOGO” would cost only $30 million to launch, but by 2007 would be worth over $1 billion.*

The Jewish investors have not been disappointed. Yet at the same time, millions of Americans, mostly American youth, are being morally corrupted by LOGO’s Anti Christian programming.

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Israel: Jewish Racist and Apartheid State

Israel an Apartheid state

1. During the past two decades, many respected individuals and organizations have designated the regime Israel has established in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT)—the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza—as a form of Apartheid. A small subset of these individuals and organizations designated the regime Israel presided over in the whole of “historic Palestine”—i.e., from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea—as Apartheid.

2. This writer for a long time hesitated to go beyond the broad consensus that designated the OPT an Apartheid regime while leaving open the proper legal description of the regime inside the Green Line. However, while researching a lengthy legal appendix to Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom, this writer was persuaded that the entire area from the “river to the sea” should be denoted an Apartheid regime. The basis of this conclusion was simple and straightforward: A) the defining feature of an occupation under international law is that it is temporary; if it is not temporary, then it constitutes an illegal annexation; B) after more than a half century of Israeli “occupation,” and after repeated declarations by the Israeli government that it didn’t intend to withdraw from the OPT in conformity with international law, the only reasonable inference was that the OPT had been de facto annexed, regardless of the formal legal label Israel attached to them; C) Israel “from the river to the sea” thus constituted a single entity; if the presiding regime disenfranchised or severely qualified the citizenship rights of its non-Jewish population, then it constituted an Apartheid regime.

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